Weather consulting for racing pigeon flights

Knowledge of the weather is crucial for success in pigeon racing. Since spring 2019, Wettermanufaktur is advising the Association of German Pigeon Breeders and their flight controllers on decisions to allow racing pigeon flights.

From many years of experience in the care of flight controllers, the meteorologists of Wettermanufaktur know how to assess ideal flying weather for carrier pigeons.

For optimal flight route planning, detailed information on weather conditions is available around the clock on the online portal

  • Pigeon-Index and 7-day forecast for digital flight routes
  • 5-minute precipitation type radar for Germany and the Benelux
  • Thunderstorm cell tracking for risk assessment and possible track

You too can profit from our meteorological experience and competence!

Digital flight routes

Weather tool for flight controllers:
7-day-forecast for flight routes


Weather index specially adapted to the sensitivities of carrier pigeons

Precipitation radar

Differentiation of rain, sleet and hail

Cell Tracking

Thunderstorm cell tracking for risk assessment and possible track

Weather Consulting

Hotline to the meteorologist on duty