Meteorological team of Weather Solutions - Online portal for road maintenance 24/7.

Weather portal for road maintenance

With the weather portal, Weather Solutions offers special forecasts all year round for effective and efficient deployment planning of road maintenance.

In order to be well prepared for capricious weather conditions, you need weather-oriented deployment planning all year round.

  • Benefit as a winter road clearance service from ice warnings and forecasts
  • Coordinate your standby service in case of storms and slippery conditions
  • Determine the optimum period for green maintenance and irrigation as a summer service
  • Plan your operations according to heat, storm and snow
  • Support your team in occupational health and safety

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Route-based forecast

Map with precise info on the condition and temperature of roads for 24 hours

Weather forecasts

Precise forecasts for the next 24 hours to 30 days for your individual area


Current and historical measured values and webcam images from weather stations and RWIS


Condition and temperature of roads, bridges, cycle tracks and footpaths as well as smoothness forecasts and warnings


Danger potential for green areas (dry/ wet), heat, UV exposure, thunderstorms, heavy/continuous rain and storms

Precipitation radar

Differentiation between snow, snow/ice rain or rain

Weather consulting

24/7 hotline to meteorologist on duty

Weather training

Meteorological training courses for road maintenance and winter services

  • Best performance and services for your customers
  • High planning reliability through contact with the meteorologist
  • Targeted and only necessary summer and winter service operations
  • Proof in case of liability issues and damage claims
  • Save costs and protect the environment

Our services can be booked as a package and as a modular system.

We will be pleased to advise you which variant is suitable for you.

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With precise forecasts and individual advice, we support our customers in their plans to provide the best services and to act in a targeted manner in the economic and ecological sense.

  • Simone Dietrich, Authorised Signatory & Head of Sales
  • Simeon Neumann, Sales
  • Tony Müller, Sales
Route based forecast for road maintenance, Weather Solutions

Our winter services come with highly innovative route-based weather forecasts.

Route-based weather forecasts for road maintenance

As the head of operations, you want to know exactly when and where slippery conditions arise. Benefit from our route-based forecasts when planning your winter road maintenance operations! In the web portal we visualise the weather for your route.

If you are interested in our route-based forecasts, please contact us.

We will be happy to advise you and enable you to test your individual route within only 3 days.

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Warning maps

Information on the warning status, temperature and road conditions in your individual area

Info box

Time when a smoothing event first occurs, when the greatest expansion and highest possible danger level can be expected

Precipitation radar

Radar forecast for 24 hours with precipitation type and intensity

Support information on temperature and road conditions

  • identify particularly critical points at an early stage
  • to correctly assess the extent of slippery events
  • to organise the planning of personnel and deployment (type/duration)
  • the choice and quantity of de-icing and de-icing agent
  • adapt the route guidance at short notice
Einsatzwetter-App for road maintenance Weather Solutions

The Einsatzwetter App provides 24/7 road maintenance.

Weather app for road maintenance

Einsatzwetter is a real-time decision support tool to support road cleaning, winter services and green space maintenance.

The app provides winter road maintenance managers and summer maintenance managers with a quick overview of the current and expected weather situation in their area of operation at any time.

  • surface temperature (°C) and condition for bridges, roads, cycle paths and footpaths
  • smoothness warnings and dedicated forecasts for winter maintenance operations
  • smoothness /severe weather risk box and weather report for individually defined area of operation
  • radar indicating the type and intensity of precipitation
  • current observations and webcam images from road weather information stations and weather stations

For more information on the configuration options and the legends used in the Einsatzwetter-App from version 2.1.0, please refer to the data sheet.

Data Sheet Einsatzwetter-App

Einsatzwetter-App is only available to customers of Weather Solutions. For further information about this service please contact us.

Please contact us!

Risk assessment

Information on the occurrence of heat, storm, thunderstorm and continuous rain or frost, freezing wetness, snowfall and sleet in the next 48 hours

Weather report

Weather report for individually defined area


Road surface temperature and -condition for bridges, roads, cycle paths and footpaths

Smoothing info

Smoothing warnings and forecasts for winter services

Precipitation radar

Radar with information on the type and intensity of precipitation


Measured values of road weather information stations 5 minutes for the last 6 hours

To preview our Einsatzwetter-App, simply click on the individual images.