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Weather Solutions supports de-icing companies, airlines and airports in ensuring trouble-free and punctual flight operations.

Weather analyses for De-Icing & Anti-Icing

Weather Solutions supports aviation with highly precise weather forecasts. Benefit from being able to assess the effects of the weather on aircraft and the condition of runways in good time to take the right precautions.

Aircraft de-icing is an important safety aspect in aviation and requires high quality standards. The earlier an airport knows when and how many aircraft need to be de-iced and protected against re-icing, the better:

  • ensure the safety of passengers and staff, vehicles and aircraft
  • planning personnel and operational capability of the de-icing vehicles
  • minimise costs and delays

The decision whether to de-ice an aircraft is often based on the air temperature. However, from a meteorological point of view, an air temperature below freezing point does not automatically mean that ice will form. Whether icing occurs depends largely on the temperature of the wings, which is influenced by numerous factors such as the temperature of the fuel tank or paraffin.

When optimising your de-icing planning, you can benefit from our proprietary prediction model for (roadway) surfaces.



Weather data and precise forecasts of temperature and condition of the wings

De-icing index

Information on when and how many de-icing operations are probable in percentage terms

Smoothing information

Slipperiness predictions and warnings for taxiways, take-off and landing runways

Precipitation radar

Differentiation of snow, snow/ice rain, rain and hail


Weather information for integration into operational airport systems

Thermal mapping

Creation of temperature maps for the identification of sections particularly prone to slipperiness

Road weather

Advice on the selection, site selection and installation of road weather information systems

Weather consulting

24/7 hotline to the meteorologist on duty

Weather training

Meteorological training for winter services

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