Meteorological team of Weather Solutions

Our customers receive the most accurate weather analysis, now-casting and forecasting for Radio, Television and the Internet.

Weather analysis for media

Be it rain, heat or snow - weather always makes the news. Well-prepared weather information enjoys great popularity on television, radio, print, online and mobile apps.

  • Will summer return? Is 30°C a possibility?
  • Will October bring the first big autumn storm?
  • When will the first snow come?
  • Were there really more frequent white Christmases in the past?
  • When will spring finally arrive?

The meteorological team of Weather Solutions has many years of experience in supporting and advising TV/radio stations, print and online media and provides expert answers.

  • Delivery of weather station data and location forecasts via API
  • Provision of text modules for weather moderators via e-mail
  • Statements about the current weather
  • Interview partners for expert discussions
  • Dipl.-Met. Jörg Riemann, Head of Meteorology
  • Dipl.-Met. Gregor Neubarth, Deputy Head of Meteorology
  • Dipl.-Met. Frank Brennecke
  • Dipl.-Met. Norbert Becker-Flügel
  • Dipl.-Met. Friedrich Föst
  • Dipl.-Met. Friedemann Schenk
  • Met. Andreas Blei

Feel free to contact us at any time if you are looking for meteorological background information or a weather expert as interview partner!

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