Weather solutions for the agriculture industry, Weather Solutions

We help key players in the agricultural sector to improve their productivity, reduce costs and maintain their sustainable policies.

Weather analyses for agriculture

Changes in the weather and local weather conditions have a major impact on the energy consumption and climatic conditions of greenhouses.
Weather Solutions provides accurate weather data and forecasts for all processes and systems of your horticultural company. By optimally adjusting climate, lighting and irrigation, you can:
  • save energy costs and simultaneously increase crop yields
  • reduce CO2 emissions efficiently and sustainably
  • plan consciously with the environment in mind


Benefit from our proprietary forecasting model for agriculture when optimizing your greenhouse processes.

  • Data basis: depending on the weather situation, an optimized mix of the world's best weather models (ECMWF and GFS)
  • In-house statistical forecasting model
  • Precise MOS forecasts for your greenhouse locations
  • Worldwide reliable forecasts in hourly resolution up to 15 days in advance - wind speed, temperature, cloud cover and radiation
  • Rapid update cycles up to 1-hourly
  • Forecast data is updated up to 48 times a day which allows you to retrieve updated forecast data including most recent observations.
  • 5-minute radar observation/forecast (-/+ 2 hours) with information on precipitation type and intensity (e.g. rain, hail, sleet and snow)
  • Satellite images
  • via API, FTP or e-mail
  • Data formats CSV or JSON

It is important to us that you convince yourself of the quality of our weather data. Our interface is ready: Test our weather data for horticulture.

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