We provide weather information for road maintenance services all year round.


Weather Solutions supports de-icing companies, airlines and airports in ensuring trouble-free and punctual flight operations.


Weather Solutions provides energy traders, generators and grid operators with the most accurate weather data to optimize processes and operate efficiently.


We help key players in the agricultural sector to improve their productivity, reduce costs and maintain their sustainable policies.


We offer precise weather data and analyses for the energy industry.

Weather trainings for winter road maintenance services, Weather Solutions

Take advantage of our eLearning offer for the further training of your employees in winter road maintenance. We make you an ice expert! Our meteorologists have many years of experience in the supervision of road cleaning and winter services.


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Weather Consulting for racing pigeon flights

Knowledge of the weather is crucial for success in pigeon racing. Since spring 2019, Wettermanufaktur is advising the Association of German Pigeon Breeders and their flight controllers on decisions to allow racing pigeon flights. 

Meteorological team of Weather Solutions

Weather Solutions provides actionable weather insights, enabling our customers to build a safer, more productive and more sustainable world.


Spot-on forecasts for individually defined applications


Team of meteorologists with many years of experience in applied weather services

Around the clock

24 hours weather consulting for our customers

Data Quality

Precise weather models for roads, energy and agriculture based on the world’s best weather models


99,99 % data availability and flexibility with Amazon Web Services


Weather training courses for winter road maintenance